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Wild Island Expeditions.

WILD ISLAND EXPEDITIONS offers two types of guided adventure tours overseas:

1. Periodic live-aboard full-vessel charters in the Pacific & Caribbean.

       2. Private Customized Group Tours. Click Here for High Adventures !

You can retain the services of our expert overseas guides for a special customized adventure tour -- to almost any country your imagination desires -- any season of the year. We'll be happy to help you plan the tour from day 1, then assign a qualified adventure-travel pro to direct the overseas day-to-day details of your "Custom-Combi Tour." Click the hot-link above to explore our newest vacation option.

To better show how WILD ISLAND EXPEDITIONS designs & plans customized guided tours for families, dive clubs, private social clubs, office buddies & groups of friends, we've reprinted here below an actual itinerary of a family group whom we guided on a 10-day adventure vacation not long ago. Below our introduction here, we've reprinted the pre-trip planning memo that we mailed out to get everybody revved up & prepared. Their trip to the peaceful Bay Islands of Honduras was a delight and a success in all four ways that matter most:

Here's how the Amosi Family's booking process worked, so you can see how smoothly their advance planning, & their trip itself, flowed along from A to Z. We have changed the family names & a few minor details to protect their privacy, but the actual itinerary is copied straight from USDT's group-tour files, verbatim.

The father of the extended family, Dr. Amosi, is a thoughtful & life-positive guy who proved to be a joy to work with. He telephoned U.S. Dive Travel near the first of the year to ask for help in organizing a special family adventure overseas. We talked with him for about an hour as he sifted through various options. There was no rush, we assured him -- "just take your time & highlight your priorities for us." Dr. Amosi asked us to search out 3 or 4 resort options that offered high-quality diving at a fair price, with reasonable airfares from Seattle.

That afternoon we assembled a detailed information portfolio on resorts in Belize, Honduras, Mexico & Hawaii -- with color brochures & in-depth fact sheets -- & mailed it off right away. Dr. Amosi received the packet within 48 hours of his phone call.

About a week later he called us & asked for an appointment. We had time open later that week & set the meeting forthwith. Four members of the family, a kind of "vacation recon" team, drove about 80 miles to visit our former main office in downtown Seattle. It was a fun afternoon, about 2.5 hours together, punctuated with easygoing humor & spirited questions. We gave the family members a thorough presentation with color slides, brochures & maps. The clients relaxed & asked all the questions they needed, in a low-key & low-pressure environment. Then they bid us adieu.

Two weeks later Dr. Amosi called us back & hired WILD ISLAND EXPEDITIONS to provide a guided diving & cultural tour to Honduras. He paid the deposits for 10 divers, picking a great little inn, NAUTILUS DIVE RESORT, on the unspoiled island of Guanaja in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Then 70 days before departure the Amosi family paid in full, as per USDT terms & conditions. USDT's guide flew to Guanaja a few days before their arrival to prep the resort for them. Here's the memo he mailed them just before he left Seattle.


Participant Funseekers (each dynamic duo is sharing a room):


All scuba divers, please remember to bring your diving certification cards, your passports, your driver's license & greenbacks or US travelers checks for emergency money or side expenses. US currency is readily accepted all over Honduras, but travelers checks are safest. Also remember to carry your regulators, dive computers, plus other fragiles & valuables with you on the plane as you depart Seattle, or Portland. It's safer that way.

Bring mucho bug spray. Also bring American snack foods such as dried fruits, candy bars, fruit tarts, beef jerky -- if you crave such goodies frequently. Avon Skin-So-Soft works great against the no-see-ums & mosquitoes, though some wags suggest it makes you smell like a French cathouse. Call Almar or me to fax you a copy of the trip preparation checklists I gave the family several months ago, just in case you still haven't seen one.

Be sure to get malaria prophylaxis & any other shots your doctor recommends. Ask your doctor about the good old classic chloroquine for malaria prevention. It's safe & you need only one tablet the week before you leave, one each week while you're abroad, & one each week for about 5 weeks after you return. Pack light. Just a few T shirts, shorts & sandals are fine. It will be warm & summery. May is usually the ideal month to be diving in the Bay Islands. You all picked a winner! You're in for Big Fun on de Bayou.

And remember the Hessburg Hat Guarantee. After the trip's over, if you honestly believe that you had a lousy time, speak up & John will fork over a few bucks to buy the hat of your choice in San Pedro. In full view of everybody, camcorders whirring, John will eat one hefty bite of that hat for you, to atone for his sins of earthly imperfection.

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