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Wild Islands + Wild Highlands =
Vacations to Remember Forever !

Wild Island Expeditions.

© Copyright U.S. Dive Travel Network.

Are you ready for an all-out break-away
from the hurries, worries & exhaust flurries
of wicked workaday in-your-face city living?

Tired of the same ol' ho-hum vacation --
"take a week off & bask-on-the-beach" routine?
Then we have just the ticket for you, amigos del mar!


First take a look below... Does this sound a bit familiar?

Q. Are you feeling that you have BECOME your job, that the life-enriching career you envisioned in your 20s has brought you as many disenchanting compromises, & as much joy-draining stress, as it has financial rewards & satisfaction?

Q. Are you putting in too many hours, sacrificing health, sleep & family relationships -- then your boss rips off all the glory for your creative energy? Or worse yet, does that boss ignore your contributions as though you were a mere utilitarian floor tile? Dilbert lives, eh?!

Q. Are you feeling pecked to the bone by the feisty starlings of office politics?

Q. Is stress no longer something that you eat for lunch, but a force that is eating away at YOU? Is stress dissolving your youth, your health, your creative fire? Are you wobbling toward the brink of burnout?

A. Just a second now. Take a deep breath amigo. You are not alone. We have been there. Done that. Never going back again. In fact, that's why we turned away from the downtown grind back in March 1991 & founded U.S. DIVE TRAVEL. So rest assured that you have colleagues here in St. Paul, MN, U.S.A. who understand the lumpy corporate backpack you've been lugging around so long. Now we'd like to fit you with a different sort of backpack -- one where YOU choose the weight, the trail, the vistas & the pace. This is your life, amigo.

We'd be happy to help ease you away from the joyless drill into a fresh new world of Wild Islands & Wild Highlands, via our sister enterprise, Wild Island Expeditions. There IS life after corporations. There IS life after leering Neanderthal bosses & their backbiting little Eddie Haskel henchmen, after years of the gnawing 9-to-5 grind. Believe us! Of course not every boss is a knuckle-dragger, nor every middle manager a mouth breather. But there are just enough irregular people stalking the halls of corporate America that vacations are a lifesaver for most of us.

Only you know the right antidote for you, for Dem Corporate Blues. So we're just here to kindle ideas, jump-start rusty imaginations, fuel some long-filed-away dreams. We're here to serve you. If you think the time is ripe for that sabbatical you've been vowing to take for years; if you're a man or woman with the time, the will, the spirit & the vision, we have a galvanizing proposal for you.

Why not consider an extended leave of absence -- maybe a couple months, maybe more -- to plan a wild once-in-a-lifetime adventure that combines all the life-positive pursuits you love the most, plus the people you love the most? We've been doing just this very thing several times a year for more than two decades. If you want some exciting new ideas for trips, give us a ring. Meanwhile, here are a few wistful ruminations to show you what is possible with a little moxie.

You can phone U.S. DIVE TRAVEL at: 952-953-4124
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Saturday.

Our E-Mail Address is: divetrip@bitstream.net

Our Fax Line is: 952-431-5023.

Our Website:

Our Mailing Address:
PMB 307 / Suite #116
15050 Cedar Ave. South
St. Paul, MN, U.S.A. 55124-7047.

ARE the ZIP & the JAZZ of YOUR LIFE:

U.S. DIVE TRAVEL has helped scores of honeymoon couples plan trips so stress-free & satisfying that it's become one of our trademark specialties. We love to work with honeymooners. Making sure you're delighted with the deal, the vistas, the safety margin & the thrills alike -- that is the most satisfying challenge we encounter. You want a honeymoon that flies in the face of the ordinary? You've got it! Are you keen on the South Pacific, anywhere among the Hawaiian Islands, or South America? Then give us a call. U.S. Dive Travel can craft an adventure you'll remember forever.

So it's clear from these musings that...
The World is your Oyster & USDT is here
to help you grab it & savor it!

A wise old track coach used to say, "There are two kinds of runners: those who are fast; & those who are half-fast." What'll it be amigo?

If you're interested in
retaining the services of


Phone us in St. Paul, MN: 952-953-4124.

E-mail: divetrip@bitstream.net

Please take a look at this list of easy procedures we follow to ensure our communications are accurate & productive -- for both you & U.S. DIVE TRAVEL:

1. Fax or E-mail us the names, mailing addresses, contact phone numbers, E-mail addresses & ages of all parties interested in the trip.

2. Also please fax us your expected dates of travel & destination ideas. Give us a thumbnail outline, including the relative level of diving, trekking & adventure experience each person has, so we can hit the deck running. The more info we have, the better we can attend to your safety & comfort.

3. Please give us a good idea what budget limits you require. Don't be shy; you're the boss. We're impressed with people who know what they want & who make clear decisions, not folks who throw money around like confetti. There's a sign above the main desk in our office where the boss sits. It shows John on a summit with his best friend Bonz Shaw (a thrifty son of a Scotsman); they are exultant & hypoxic & the sign reads simply, "Cheap is Good." No airs around here. You want magical luxury? We can get it in a wink. But we'll always chime in our advice first on how to save more & worry less. After nearly 30 years of traveling this lovely orb on a tight budget, we know how to save you money.

4. During low season (May through October), we will call you within 2 days to follow up your initial contact with fact checks. During high season, there may be delays of 5-7 days before a message is returned, due to the unexpectedly high volume of client inquiries that the USDT website has produced. If you have a particularly urgent need for information, just call us directly & we can "blue-tag" a proposal for you, for an additional service fee.

5. Apart from our standard dive-travel packages, U.S. DIVE TRAVEL operates as a guide service & an adventure-travel consulting firm. We have more than a century of collective international travel experience, & a couple dozen countries visited, under our partnership belts. Therefore, just as experienced attorneys, surgeons, CPAs & business consultants charge by the hour, so do we. We charge $80 to $100 per hour for trip research on all custom itineraries. This research fee is applied conservatively & equitably to all clients. This research fee is higher for groups larger than 12 people, or for long itineraries of special complexity or risk management.

6. Our guides are paid a standard per diem fee, plus all travel expenses; & USDT also charges the regular research fee & taxes. Call us at 952-953-4124 for more details.

7. USDT normally offers prospective clients two free hours of initial research, to help you jell your ideas comfortably. Then once we fax or E-mail you back after the initial research to give you a status report, we'll ask you whether you're interested in committing to a CUSTOMIZED COMBI-ADVENTURE. These projects are long on TLC & valuable staff hours, so we try to avoid misdirected time. That saves your nerves & ours.

8. U.S. DIVE TRAVEL NETWORK requires a non-refundable deposit of at least $700 per person within 7 days of client commitment. (Click back to our front page & then click on the "Facts About USDT" hot link, for a look at our payment & cancellation Terms & Conditions.) The full research fee is due within 10 days of our final written report reaching the client. This report presents all land & air cost estimates, plus schedule & travel options. Then 70 days before departure, final payment is collected. We will send out your air tickets, land vouchers & support documents in a registered mail packet, return receipt requested, normally no later than four weeks before your departure.

9. If you live anywhere in MN, WI or the Dakotas -- or you find yourself in St. Paul on business -- & you want to arrange a special meeting, we are more than happy to assign up to 2 hours of one staffer's time any work day between 10 a.m. & 4 p.m. Just give us at least two week's notice & we'll arrange the meeting, complete with photos, maps & support materials. All client meetings are by appointment only.

10. Finally, you get the Hessburg Hat Guarantee. Can't beat this, amigos. If you can prove that your trip was an utter bomb, & you were unhappy to the quick, just go purchase the hat of your choice overseas & when you return your agent will eat one bite of that hat right before your eyes, while the video cameras roll. Thus far in three decades of world travel, Susan & John Hessburg have picked dental floss, quinoa grains, desert sand, storm-blown alpine grit, herring ribs & seaweed out of their teeth -- but still not one tiny molecule of hat. Thank you Lord for small blessings. And a vigorous thank-you to our many good repeat clients, for your faith & confidence & your business. It's been a great time helping you all!

Take care & call us if we may be of service. Yours in deep seas & high adventure....

Susan Hessburg & John Hessburg
Mgrs, Founding Partners
U.S. Dive Travel Network.

E-mail: divetrip@bitstream.net

© Copyright U.S. Dive Travel Network.

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