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1st, light a spark for your tropical dream trip -- by "cruising & perusing"
our vivid index pages for Dive Resorts, Live-Aboards or Snorkeling Trips.
Next, for help sorting through exciting options in Hawaii, the South Pacific
or Caribbean; & to explore smart strategies for air tickets or side tours,
feel free to call our expert tropical vacation planners:  952-953-4124.

If you're on-the-go with school, biz or kids, just e-mail: divetrip@bitstream.net
If you e-mail us, please include preferred dates of travel, specific islands, plus
a mobile or landline number. We will call you right back to save your mobile minutes.

Once you've chosen your perfect destination & sorted out air tickets & lodging,
when you're ready to commit, discuss payment options & deposits with our staff.
Then please have each adult client fill in & sign our reservation forms 1, 2 & 3.
FedEx forms in along with the payment & -- voila -- your trip is a guaranteed go!

Air-Mail Address:

U.S. DIVE TRAVEL Reservations
Suite #307
7635 West 148th Street

St. Paul, MN, USA 55124.

(Click on these highlighted hotlinks from 1 - 5 to navigate to any document. Please make a screen print of these forms, fill them out as directed, and FedEx or UPS express-mail the original signed hardcopies back to U.S. Dive Travel. All clients on the tropical vacation trip -- all divers & snorkelers alike -- should complete each of these three forms, please. They are easy to fill in & take only a few quick minutes to read. Feel free to call us any time if you have more questions -- 952-953-4124.)

  1. Fill in & sign the Client Registration Sheet.

  2. Fill in & sign the Travel Insurance Advisory.

  3. Sign all sections of the Liability Release & Waiver. Verify your signature (notarize the last page of this form, please).

  4. Here's our Credit Card Authorization Form. No worries; this is only for large corporate groups, school teams, private expeditions or big family reunions looking to book group air tickets with an approved Visa or Mastercard. Helps keep the many details straight. Please complete this form, sign it & mail the original hardcopy back to USDT along with your waivers. Many thanks.

  5. Read U.S. DIVE TRAVEL's Standard Terms & Conditions for booking.

  6. Please air-mail all signed registration documents in their original form to U.S. Dive Travel Reservations. Please include names (precisely as spelled on your passports) & the phone numbers of all persons in your traveling party. Before commuter air tickets (e-ticket vouchers) & hotel, resort or live-aboard vouchers can be mailed out to you, all final payments must be processed & all registration documents (original hand-signed hardcopies) must be on file for all members of your group, even the non-divers.

Thank you very much for considering our tropical adventure-travel services. We are delighted to see you visiting our website. It's been a labor of love in building, and an always evolving work in progress for two exciting decades. Hope you've had some fun cruising from our Home Page into the World of Warm Water Dive Vacations! We're happy to welcome you, any time the spirit moves you, to the Big Blue World of U.S. DIVE TRAVEL. We pledge to take care of all details for you in a courteous & conscientious manner. You will always remember this trip with a warm smile; we promise you that. Make it a great trip, amigos!

Best wishes.

Susan Hessburg & John Hessburg
Founders, Managing Partners
U.S. Dive Travel Network

St. Paul, MN / Vancouver, BC / Miami FL / Kailua-Oahu, HI.

© Copyright U.S. Dive Travel Network.

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