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Truk Odyssey, Peter Hughes Ocean Dancer, North Sulawesi Aggressor, Utila Aggressor, dive resorts, liveaboards

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Drawing from more than 35 years of overseas adventure tour experience each, the U.S. Dive Travel Network partners & guides have chosen these exceptional tropical vacation locales as our best & brightest dive package deals around the world.   We are referring to pure scuba diving value in a 4-star vacation -- Big Bang for the Buck -- in dive resorts, snorkeling vacation getaways & scuba diving live-aboards.   These are luxury tropical vacation destinations designed to please you in the eyes, soul & pocketbook.   They are among our freshest & perenially most fascinating destinations.   So far the feedback on all these dive resorts & liveaboards has been superb.   That's why we feel confident to share these exotic, far-off-the-beaten-path options with you, our preferred clients.   Your trust in our vetting judgment means a lot to us.   And we honor that trust with the full force of our knowledge & experience for every client who calls.   And that is why more than 25,000 people from more than 3 dozen countries around the world have been well-served by U.S. Dive Travel's adventure travel agents & honeymoon planners since 1991. Not as many served as a certain gi-normous burger chain, eh, but we've used a lot more TLC per guest :)   We look forward to serving you soon, as well.

Truk Odyssey, Turks & Caicos Explorer,  Belize Aggressor, dive resorts, liveaboards

This list implies no order of descending excellence at all.  We believe all these tropical vacation options are equally intriguing, & all offer high value to clients.   We focused on several mission-critical criteria: economy, heads-up service, professionalism, safety awareness of staff, & the quality of dive resorts or live-aboards offered.   To see photos & dive package data on each selection, just click on the highlighted hot-links below.  Get ready to daydream.  So if you're keen to know more about these topics -- tropical vacations, dive resorts, Caribbean live-aboards, Pacific liveaboards, snorkeling, snorkeling vacation, snorkeling vacations, an affordable dive vacation, high end dive vacations, a Hawaii scuba vacation, Belize scuba vacations, a Fiji scuba diving vacation, South Pacific scuba diving vacations -- just call our tropical vacation planners any time at 952-953-4124.   Snorkeling enthusiasts are more than welcome, always, as are seniors & families with younger-than-teenage kids.   Solo divers & novice snorkeling enthusiasts, too.   Bon Voyage !

By clicking into these highlighted hotlinks below, you can link in a blink to detailed Info Kits that will answer most of your initial questions re' price, best seasons to visit, accommodations, local culture & watersports for these topic areas -- North Sulawesi Aggressor, Utila Aggressor, Ocean Dancer, dive travel planning, dive resorts, liveaboards, liveaboard, snorkeling, snorkeling vacation, snorkeling vacations, dive vacation, dive vacations, scuba vacation, scuba vacations, Hawaii, Guanaja, Maui, Belize, Lahaina Inn, Lahaina Divers, Dunbar Villa, (aka Dunbar Rock), Blackbird Caye Resort, Little Cayman Beach Resort, & Sand Dollar Condos on Bonaire. Please call us any time you need more tropical vacation info, at 952-953-4124.


1. BLACKBIRD CAYE RESORT, Turneffe Atoll & Glover's Reef, Belize Barrier Reef.

2. VILLA at DUNBAR ROCK , Guanaja, Honduras Bay Islands.

3. SAND DOLLAR CONDOMINIUMS , Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

4. KUNGKUNGAN BAY RESORT, North Sulawesi Island, Central Indonesia.

5. LAHAINA INN / LAHAINA DIVERS , Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

6. LITTLE CAYMAN BEACH RESORT , Top Reef Resort in the Cayman Islands.

7. MATANGI ISLAND RESORT, Northeastern Fiji Islands.


1. TRUK ODYSSEY , Chuuk Atoll, (aka Truk Lagoon), Micronesia.

2. TURKS & CAICOS EXPLORER , Provo Island, Turks & Caicos.

3. BELIZE AGGRESSOR , Belize Barrier Reef, Central American Caribbean.

4. THAILAND AGGRESSOR , South Andaman Sea of Thailand.

5. BELIZE AGGRESSOR IV , Belize Barrier Reef.

Phone U.S. DIVE TRAVEL: 952-953-4124.

E-mail Address: divetrip@bitstream.net

Website Address: www.usdivetravel.com

Give us a call & we'll be glad to send you some detailed digital info kits on these wonderful dive vacation destinations. Thank you for your time & interest. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Oh, before we forget; we see the word "snorkling" quite a bit, amigos. The actual correct spelling of this already funny word is this -- "snorkeling" NOT snorkling. So please tell your snorkling buddies to get game and start SNORKELING, a.s.a.p. ! Oh and did we mention, we serve scores of new snorkeling families & couples each year. So yes, snorkeling vacation planning is one of our prime priorities here at U.S. DIVE TRAVEL.

So give us a call any time if you have questions about any of these tropical vacation topics -- beach vacations, dive resorts, liveaboards, liveaboard, snorkeling, snorkeling vacation, snorkeling vacations, dive vacation, dive vacations, scuba vacation, scuba vacations, Hawaii, Guanaja, Maui, Belize, Curacao, Yap Island, Truk, Maldives, Maui Guest House, Lahaina Inn, Lahaina Divers, Dunbar Villa, Blackbird Caye Resort, the Manta Ray Bay Resort, Sand Dollar Condos, Palau Aggressor, Thailand Aggressor, Ocean Dancer -- & our tropical vacation planners will return your call in a wink.

Ciao, cheers, we dive away the years !

Susan Hessburg & John Hessburg
Founders, Managers
U.S. Dive Travel Network.

St. Paul, MN / Vancouver, BC / Miami, FL / Kailua-Oahu, HI

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