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what's your pleasure, Hawaii Vacation Seekers ?

LAHAINA DIVERS -- # 1 Maui scuba diving center for more than 25 years.

Beautiful historic LAHAINA INN in downtown Lahaina Village.

Here's the most relaxing, cost-efficient way to beat Maui prices.
Laid-back Old Lahaina Town is the ideal locale for a Maui Vacation,
whether Maui Honeymoon, Maui Snorkeling, or Maui Scuba Diving trip ....

Lahaina Inn, Maui diving, Maui vacations, Maui snorkeling, Maui lodging, Lahaina Divers, Maui honeymoon
Idyllic country-style getaway at Lahaina Inn, with antique
furnishings & a down-home neighborly village ambience.
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Lahaina Inn, Maui diving, Maui vacations, Maui snorkeling, Maui lodging, Lahaina Divers, Maui honeymoon
Another angle of the best room at Lahaina Inn, the
classic Makai Suite, with quiet small-town charm.
Our inspections lead us to conclude, hands down,
the ocean-view rooms & 2 suites at Lahaina Inn
are the best 3-star rooms in all of Lahaina village.
Lahaina Inn recalls warm & wonderful small-town
lodges in Aspen CO before the tourist invasions.
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Lahaina Inn, Maui diving, Maui vacations, Maui snorkeling, Maui lodging, Lahaina Divers, Maui honeymoon
Lahaina Inn has been rated "best value hotel on Maui"
by Travel & Leisure; "one of the best country inns" by
Glamour Magazine; & "one of the world's best places
to stay" by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. We love this place!
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Lahaina Inn, Maui diving, Maui vacations, Maui snorkeling, Maui lodging, Lahaina Divers, Maui honeymoon
Wonderful old-timey decor at Lahaina Inn, Maui.
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The exceptionally low rates are subject to possible change every season; please feel free to call us for updates & we pledge to always secure the best special discount rate available ( 952-953-4124 ). The prices at this creatively decorated LAHAINA INN come in at least USD $170 per room night below the average lodging cost on Maui's famous Ka'anapali Coast, where the beautiful people pay far too much to play, wine & dine. We are almost chagrined that we did not know of Lahaina Inn back in the 1980s. What were we thinking? Three nights on the Ka'anapali Coast of NW Maui can fetch more than the price of a nifty Italian wool suit, 1000 fine. For the price of three nights on the Ka'anapali Coast, you can spend a delightful week in downtown Lahaina, only 2 minutes stroll from the waterfront. LAHAINA INN is a one-of-a-kind gleamer amongst the pearls of West Maui's pricey luxury hotels, perhaps the best deal we have found on Maui in 23+ years.

Two significant reasons why: meal costs & transportation costs are lower. First, in Lahaina village you can walk almost everywhere you need to go. Next, meals in Lahaina will run at least 25% more economical than in Wailea or the Ka'anapali Coast area. This means big-time bang for your Maui vacation buck. What's more, this classic country-style guest inn is perfectly located -- within quick strolling distance from the best scuba center in the village -- LAHAINA DIVERS. We have worked with LAHAINA DIVERS for more than 14 years now, & since day one they have had the top-rated diving yachts on Maui -- big powerful Newton 46s -- the "Dauntless & the Dominion." These boats pack two Cummins turbo-Diesel 430s at the stern, & they really haul when the skip needs to. These boats are roomy enough to accommodate 49 passengers, but they typically carry no more than 20-24 pax at a time. LAHAINA DIVERS offers Nitrox, even custom blends, as well as 56 cf & 100 cf tanks for extra petite gals & extra-large guys.

Clean, quiet, managed by pleasant folks who bend over backwards to accommodate you, LAHAINA INN is nestled smack dab in the heart of this vibrant, colorful village. LAHAINA INN is only walkin' minutes from all the nighttime action, the best restaurants, art galleries, shops & dessert locales; & it's less than 3 blocks easy jaunt from the Lahaina Boat Harbor, where LAHAINA DIVERS two beautiful vessels are moored. LAHAINA INN + LAHAINA DIVERS = a thrifty, convenient, comfortable alternative to the big-buck high-rises on the Ka'anapali Coast, or the prefab crowded hotels in the Kihei area, or the tourist-inundated condo villages of NW Maui. We love Lahaina village, folks; it's a li'l bit country & a l'il bit rock 'n' roll. Ideal for a relaxing, refreshing Maui snorkeling vacation package, or Maui diving vacation, or Maui honeymoon escape.

Once you experience LAHAINA INN, we feel confident you will likely never wrestle with the $350-$450 / night median price at so many coastal hotels on West Maui. This place has our attention, & it deserves yours. LAHAINA INN has a such a cozy, refreshing small-town feel to it, almost an 1890s Old West motif, that you half expect Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, all grins & handshakes, to come striding around a corner & invite you down the street for margaritas & a poker game. We believe it's only a matter of months before word of mouth kicks in & LAHAINA INN becomes the darling of the 30-something to 50-something set -- everything from newlyweds to folks raising kids, or saving for retirement -- people who are not afraid to ask for a good deal.

All lodging prices are per room / night + 13.5 % Hawaii state sales tax + USDT tariff (subject to possible change each season). Prices vary by season, from about $150 - $195 per room night + tax. And all prices are subject to frequent special discounts as local inventory shifts with seasonal demand. This lodge is a GREAT value; you'll love it! Please feel free to call 952-953-4124 & we'll secure the lowest seasonal specials for you,for these room types: