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1. Phone U.S. Dive Travel in St. Paul, MN at 952-953-4124. Our business hours are: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST-USA, Monday through Saturday. [Throughout our website, & in work documents, U.S. Dive Travel is referred to as "USDT," for convenience.]

USDT's E-mail Address: divetrip@bitstream.net

Website Address: www.usdivetravel.com

Please provide us with the following client info to help expedite your booking. Once your client data & agency credentials are established, then your commissions will be deducted from the net balance due on your final invoice from USDT.

To get the ball rolling with new clients, just a quick typewritten note on your agency's official stationary, or an e-mail, both are fine:

2. USDT will check air & land space A.S.A.P. for you. We'll fax or e-mail you with preliminary facts that same day (if possible).

3. If the prices & itinerary meet with your clients' approval, please fax or E-mail USDT at your earliest convenience with final booking requests & details. Or you may turn the booking details over to your client. ( After your first call, our two agencies will communicate in writing to keep accurate records & to protect your commission. ) When you contact USDT with clients' final preferences, this is a formal booking.

4. USDT then will fax or E-mail you back the same day if possible, & normally no later than 24 hours after your message, with our Booking Verification Letter, confirming your clients' arrangements in accurate detail, including reservation numbers, invoice & commission structure. Once you receive our verification letter, your referral is automatically logged into our reservation & accounting system. Your agency is therefore guaranteed an accurate & timely commission payment.

5. Here are the rules by which your commissions are paid:

6. If you are an IATA-certified travel center, or a bona fide outside agent leasing an agency's IATA number, once your credentials are established, then U.S. Dive Travel will pay the industry standard travel-agent commissions for all lodging, diving, vessel trips & side tours that you refer to us. (Please call us for details.) If your agency is a regular contributor of referrals, we have a generous sliding scale of commission over-rides (bonus points above the industry standard) that depend on USDT's contract relationship with the resort or vessel booked; & also on your agency's annual volume. This bonus system rewards our best agents for frequent referrals.

You also can earn an excellent over-ride for first-time booking of a group larger than 12 clients, each of whom books at least five nights lodging + at least three days of diving or side tours + add-on air tickets for your host country (or Hawaii).

7. If USDT books retail air tickets for your clients, this service is normally not commissionable. Only land bookings are commissionable if all USDT requirements are met. However, there's very good news for you about our wholesale air tickets....

8. If your agency books wholesale air through the bulk-fare contract our partnership holds with Continental -- for international flights from most major cities in the Lower 48 states to Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama or Nicaragua -- we will sell you air space at low net rates, sometimes up to $70 - $200 per ticket below the lowest discount retail price available.

Then your agency can mark these air tickets up to clients as you see fit, observing our prime requirement -- that markups never exceed the lowest retail price available for that airline, that destination & those specific travel dates on the day the client commits. We ask our affiliate agencies to exercise good judgment so these bookings reflect well on our shared reputations for integrity & customer service. To better see how our wholesale air tickets work, please click back to the website's Home Page, then click the hot-link for "Want to be a Guide?" & navigate to Index letter 'B.'

9. In cases when agents refer customized land bookings to USDT (for example, packages for which USDT does NOT hold a wholesale contract with a given hotel, resort, vessel, dive operation or tour company) then USDT will pay your dive travel commissions as follows: 50% (fifty percent) of the full land commission we receive, minus a small administrative service fee (see Terms & Conditions under "How to Book a Trip" on the Web site's front page, for scale of service fees on F.I.T. bookings). We also pay this same rate on overseas add-on air bookings, whenever USDT earns a commission.

10. Before U.S. Dive Travel can cut a commission check to any travel agency, we respectfully request that the following documentation be mailed to us:

If you need more information about U.S. Dive Travel, please feel free to call Susan or John Hessburg, USDT managers, at 952-953-4124 in St. Paul, MN.

Our E-mail address is: divetrip@bitstream.net.

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