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The FIJI AGGRESSORS   have been replaced with a beautiful new sister yacht --


Feel free to phone our Fiji travel experts, John or Susan,
at 952-953-4124 for more info on this wonderful new Fiji live-aboard.
The Fiji Islands are quintessential coral-rich gems of the South Pacific.

The Fiji liveaboard ISLAND DANCER will host 10 passengers.

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The beautiful sleek new ISLAND DANCER in the FIJI ISLANDS.
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in the warm & colorful FIJI ISLANDS !!! --
Recently launched ISLAND DANCER,
a brilliant 4-star luxury live-aboard,
via U.S. DIVE TRAVEL ( 952-953-4124 )
is offering big small-group discounts!

The exciting new ISLAND DANCER II, our freshest new yacht in Fiji, carries only 10 guests, offering an intimate setting & the perfect venue for diving the life-rich, coral-rich waters of Fiji. Take a look at our newest 4-star SoPac diving yacht ...

Check prices & trip details on our new
mobile-friendly Diving Liveaboard Hub:
LIVE-ABOARDS.COM - lots of new pics!

Package Inclusions: Seven nights on board the Island Dancer II, all meals and beverages (including national brands of alcohol), airport transfers in Suva, 5 and days of diving up to four or five dives per day, land excursions on some days, other Dancer Fleet services and amenities. Plus domestic air to Suva, VAT and Hotel Tax, and $14.69 Park Fee. The VAT taxes are about $200 (7 nights.) Note: All purchases on board are subject to 20% VAT tax. All itemized fees (Port Charges, Chamber Support, Parks, Taxes, Domestic Air, Fuel Surcharges etc.) are subject to change or may be added in any destination up until the date of travel. NITROX FILLS (BASED ON AVAILABILITY) ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. NITROX DIVERS WILL BE CHARGED $150/7 NIGHT CHARTER, $200/10 NIGHT CHARTER, OR $10/FILL. NITROX FILLS, INSTRUCTION AND ALL OTHER SERVICES AND PURCHASES MADE ABOARD THE VESSELS ARE SUBJECT TO LOCAL TAXES. ALL PACKAGE PRICES ARE IN US$ PER PERSON ON A SHARE BASIS AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.


Active-Duty or Retired Military Personnel, with official ID card, receive a full 10% discount.

$100 discount for Teachers with proper school district ID (active or retired).

$100 discount for High School/College Students with student ID (age 22 and younger).

$100 discount for Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters & EMS pros with proper ID.

$100 discount for Senior Citizens 65 & over with passport or driver's license ID.

$100 discount for Airline Pilots & Flight Attendants with flight pro ID.

$200 discount for Non-Divers.

$200 discount for Consecutive Charters (within 30 days on either fleet).

$100 discount for 2nd trip within 12 months.

$200 discount for 3rd trip within 12 months.

Kids ages 5-10 receive 25% off on 'Family Weeks'.

On Family Weeks, children ages 5-10 must stay in a cabin with a parent. On regular charters, the minimum age is 10 years. No discount applies.

Money-saving specials cannot be used in conjunction with discounted charters.

When multiple discounts apply, only the most generous (one) can be applied to the charter rate. Please notify your U.S. DIVE TRAVEL agent of any discounts or vouchers at the time of booking. In all cases, notification after final payment will result in forfeiture of discount.

(The following text & all Fiji live-aboard photos are edited by U.S. DIVE TRAVEL & appear courtesy of Dancer Fleet.)

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The new 4-star live-aboard ISLAND DANCER in the FIJI ISLANDS.
© Copyright Dancer Fleet & Wayne Works.

* * * * All Fiji diving lovers take heed -- great news! -- our EXCITING NEW YACHT, the ISLAND DANCER from the respected DANCER FLEET, now is CRUISING in the FIJI ISLANDS !

Throughout the week aboard the ISLAND DANCER II, an intimate 10 passenger yacht, guests will depart Suva (on the SE corner of Viti Levu island) to explore the reefs, bommies & walls of Nigali Pass, Wakaya, Koro & Namenalala Islands. Known as the soft coral capital, the brilliant colors on display will dazzle even the most experienced divers & photographers. Drift dives with eagle rays, mantas, turtles, sharks & giant groupers are also on the itinerary.

Clownfish, pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, & a multitude of nudibranchs bring smiles to every dive! With direct flights from several major cities worldwide, it is an easy destination to add to your dive log.

To top off the exiting diving on
ISLAND DANCER II & experience some of Fijis local culture, a visit to a Fijian village on one of the remote islands is arranged including a Kava ceremony & warrior dance. All guests are required to wear a traditional sulu (sarong or wrap) so either bring your own or we will gladly provide one for you! Then you truly can "go native" & appreciate the beautiful village culture.

ISLAND DANCER II appeals to those discriminating divers who prefer a smaller group & is perfectly suited for Fiji & the diving itinerary. All indoor areas are air-conditioned & each of the guest cabins feature ensuite facilities. The beautifully appointed salon on ISLAND DANCER II has ample room for divers to view their photos & videos or to enjoy a movie on the entertainment system. The sundeck on ISLAND DANCER II features covered & uncovered lounging & is a perfect place to relax with a book during surface intervals.

Fiji live-aboard, Fiji live-aboards, Fiji liveaboard, Fiji liveaboards, Fiji diving, Fiji Aggressor, Island Dancer, Peter Hughes Island Dancer
Detailed deck map of Fiji ISLAND DANCER II.

Port of Registry : Suva, Fiji
Construction : Steel
Type : Mono Hull
Length : 101 feet
Beam : 22 feet
Max Passengers : 10
Stateroom : 5
Crew : 5
Tenders : 1
Fuel Capacity :  
Fresh Water Capacity : 5000 liters
Cruising Speed : 10 knots
Range :  
Navigation Aids : 48-mile radar, compass, depth sonar with alarm, Autopilot integrated with GPS, 2-GPS systems
Voltage : 240v/50hz & Australian plug
Photo Services :  Yes
Length of Charters : 7 nights
Dives per Day : Up to 5
Nitrox : Yes
Diving Instruction : Yes
Dive Gear Rental : Yes

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This yacht was formerly called FIJI AGGRESSOR III --
this sleek Fiji liveaboard is a 4-star luxury diving yacht.


Expert divemaster guides, patient, gracious & highly trained in their island locales.

Luxury stateroom accommodations aboard the vessel.

Unlimited diving (within safe PADI tables) + compressed air tanks + weights.

Airport transfers on days of arrival & departure (except Okeanos).

All meals & snacks, soft-drinks & local alcoholic beverages. Imports cost extra.

All prices subject to change & periodic seasonal discounts.

The vessel chef is always glad to accommodate special dietary requests.


International airfare nor "island hopper" commuter air tickets.

Travel cancellation insurance, which is strongly advised for all cruises.

Equipment rentals, whether scuba, photo or video.

Nitrox refills. You must pay extra for these custom tank fills.

Premium imported alcoholic drinks, such as vintage wines.

Scuba certification or specialty courses.

Hotel stays or day rooms, for those vessels that require arrivals 1 day early.

Dinner on final evening of the cruise. (Guests eat on island as a team.)

Crew tips. We recommend tipping at least 10-15%, where apropos'.

Government taxes or park fees (when applicable) & nominal USDT tariffs.

Fiji live-aboard, Fiji live-aboards, Fiji liveaboard, Fiji liveaboards, Fiji diving, Fiji Aggressor, Island Dancer, Peter Hughes Island Dancer
Map of the classic Fiji diving sites
visited by the Fiji ISLAND DANCER II.

by the scuba diving yacht ISLAND DANCER:


Jim's Alley:   Consists of 3 large bommies that start at about 15 feet from the surface & drop to the floor at about 60 to 70 feet. The bommies are covered in soft & hard corals, sea fans, whips & anemones. This sight also frequently has white tips, turtles, barracudas & an occasional ray. A Fiji live-aboard classic.

Ningali Pass:   Ningali pass is a small cut in the reef that can only be dove 1 1/2 hours before low water to 1 1/2 hours after low water, otherwise the visibility is poor & the current can exceed 4 knots. At this sight we see large grouper/jew fish, barracuda, big eyed jacks, snapper, big gray reef sharks & an occasional sea snake. We also have seen eagle rays, mantas & hammerhead sharks.


Wakaya Pass:   This site starts at about 35 ft. with a sandy bottom then you swim out over a wall & turn to the left. As you come over the drop off of the wall you can look straight down to about 140 ft. While swimming along the wall you may see blue ribbon eels, White tip, Nurse, & Hammerhead sharks along with Mantas, Marble Rays, Turtles, Eagle rays & Barracudas. Yet another Fiji live-aboard classic!

Golden Rock:   A bommie that starts at 35 ft. on the high inside edge it then comes up to 10 ft. & is 20 ft. across. This site has soft coral, hard coral, cleaner shrimp, blue ribbon eels, lionfish, & most important it is a cleaning station for mantas & we see mantas here 90% of the time.

Gem Stone:   Gem Stone is on the outside edge of Wakaya passage. This is a wall dive with swim throughs, hard & soft corals & as one guests who has dove around the world said, this sight is as good as they have in the Red Sea. Mantas also frequently visit this location along with hammer head & white tips sharks.  When diving this location on a night dive the light fish here are very abundant & make for a great light show. Yet another Fiji live-aboard highlight, sunseekers!

Sand Point:   Sand point is a wall dive between the island of Wakaya & Mokongi. On this dive we frequently see mantas, eagles rays, turtles, white tips & the various colorful fish of the South Pacific in abundance along with hard & soft corals.


At the turn of the century Makongi Island was the home of the last leper colony in Fiji but today its the home of the Fijian turtle & clam farm. The north end of the island is protected by a barrier reef which has a lot of great dive sights. The foremost popular are White rock, Rustic arch, coral garden & Makongi channel. Each of these sights has wide variety of bright indigenous little fish. This Fiji live-aboard dive site is a must-see.

White Rock:   White Rock is at the entrance of Makongi channel & aptly called because the waves always break on it causing the reef to have a white cap. This sight has white tips, occasionally eagle rays & mantas, eels, large file fish, an abundance of hard & soft corals but most of all it has the friendliest school of fuseliers you can imagine.

Rustic Arch:   This sight was discovered by photo pro Rusty Madsen during an exploration trip in Feb. 98. This sight has excellent hard & soft corals, sea fans, sea anemones, lion fish, moray eels, white tips & a recently discovered home to a large Napoleon wrasse.

Coral Gardens:   A classic of Fiji diving, this series of bommies that have a beautiful supply of hard & soft corals. This sight also has turtles, white tips sharks, moray eels, lion fish & once in a while a nurse shark. Visibility can sometimes be below 40 feet because of heavy plankton. Another Fiji live-aboard must-see.

Makongi Channel:   Makongi channel is most often a drift dive due to the fact its at an entrance to the inner reef. On an incoming tide the visibility is quite good &  sometimes exceeds 100 feet. The usual party of Makongi sea life abounds here in the channel as well. This is Fiji scuba diving satori, diver-san.

E-6 & Hi-8:    These two sites are aptly named: "E-6" for the amount of film shot at this site & likewise "Hi-8" for the amount of video footage taken. Most South Pacific live-aboards would love to have a site this classic to give their preferred clients. Both E-6 & Hi-8 are pinnacles that start at a depth of 3,000 feet & rise to the surface. E-6 has a horseshoe-shaped grotto which is filled with anemones, large clams, lionfish & spectacular red sea fans & soft corals. Each has a virtual scuba diving smorgasbord of soft corals, hard corals, sea fans, sea anemones, octicoral, swim-throughs & are teeming with smaller fishes of the South Pacific. Included at both sights are sweet lips, hammerheads, white tips, occasional silver tips -- & if we're really lucky a whale.


The Namena barrier reef stretches a distance of over 10 miles. There is an abundance of scuba diving sites here but many are unprotected in open waters & can't be dove in bad weather. Most of these sites have the possibility of high currents & as a result the sea life here is abundant & very active. It is not uncommon to see gray reefs, white tips, silver tips, barracuda & dog tooth tuna on a 30 minute dive. The following are the most popular scuba diving sites.

Chimneys:   Three slender bommies which start at about 74 feet & come to within 10 feet of the surface. On the sandy bottom you'll find a field of garden eels with gobies & shrimp scattered throughout. Everywhere in the bommies of this site you can find pipe fish, cleaner fish, nudibranches, soft corals, hard corals, sea anemones with clown fish, & free swimming in the current above the bommies are unicorn fish & anthiest. Between the bommies in midwater are resident barracudas & it's not uncommon to see white tips or grey reefs. Wow, the Fiji live-aboard dive sites never end, amigos.

Magic Mound:   This scuba diving site is a single bommie 80 to 100 feet long & 30 to 40 feet wide. It starts at 80 feet on one side & comes up to within 15 feet of the surface. Its covered in hard corals, soft corals, sea anemones, sea fans & lots of lionfish lurking in between or hanging around under ledges. This sight is also known for its white tips & grey reef action.

North Save-a-Tack:   On an incoming tide the action is fast & furious. A diver must descend to a depth of 70 feet in water that often has a visibility of over 150 feet. On the bottom a diver may see grey reefs, white tips, barracudas & dog tooth tuna with an occasional silver tip without even moving. The current is strong & during an incoming tide & the visibility is excellent. Divers normally start on the east side of North Save-a-tack & end their dive on the west side among the hard & soft coral covered bommies. This side is excellent for macro & wide angle shots.


Black Rock Caverns:   In the mouth of Dere Bay & the host of many swim-throughs, caverns & caves. This is also one of our favorite night dive sites that is the host to large file fish, many decorator crab, white tips, flashlight fish, eels & occasionally squid. This site also has a large school of barracuda. It is in the lee of the island of Koro & can be dived almost any time during the year but visibility is usually limited to 60 feet.

Koro Gardens:   Koro Gardens is marked by a single large bommie that comes to within 15 feet of the surface. The area around the bommie is about 45 feet to the bottom & drops off to 95 feet in some areas. Hard corals cover everything while an abundance of reef fish crowd the waters & make the scuba diving spectacular. Still another Fiji live-aboard gem!

Shark Fin Point:   This site on the north east point of Koro Island can be action central. On most dives you will see a large school of about 500 barracudas, eagle rays, many white tip, lots of grey reefs, lobster, eels, & we have even seen whale shark here, yes we really have. Not only are the fish & shark abundant but it's covered in both hard & soft corals. When the tide is running this can be a most enjoyable drift dive because little effort is needed to move & its seems as if the show just swims by you. Few South Pacific live-aboards offer experiences as vivid as this locale.

( All scuba diving sites are selected by the Captain & may vary due to weather conditions & logistics.)

Island Dancer, Fiji live-aboards, Fiji liveaboards, Fiji diving, Fiji live-aboard, Fiji liveaboard
ISLAND DANCER -- Deluxe Stateroom.

Island Dancer, Fiji live-aboards, Fiji liveaboards, Fiji diving, Fiji live-aboard, Fiji liveaboard
ISLAND DANCER -- Owner's Suite.


1. Where are the Fiji Islands?
The Republic of Fiji, or Viti, as is it occasionally called, is situated in the western South Pacific Ocean, with the Solomon Islands to the northwest & Tonga to the east.

2. What is included in the dive package for these Fiji live-aboards?
Accommodations aboard the vessel, diving, compressed air tanks, weights & weight belts, transfers from Nadi to the boat on day of arrival & departure, meals & snacks, non-alcoholic & local alcoholic beverages are include in the charter rate.

3. How many days is the Fiji live-aboard charter & how many dives can I make?
The Fiji diving yacht ISLAND DANCER charter is seven days, Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning, with five & one-half days of diving. Most guests make up to 4 dives a day. Diving begins on Sunday morning & ends Friday morning.

4. When should I arrive in Fiji?
You should plan to arrive in Nadi, Fiji Saturday morning.

5. Are there any taxes or fees not included in the charter price for these Fiji live-aboards?
Yes. The Fijian government levied a Value Added Tax (VAT) per person for the entire week for live-aboard vessels operating in Fiji.  The VAT for a charter aboard the Fiji diving yacht ISLAND DANCER is collected on board the vessel at the end of the week. The VAT for the charter is approx $150 USD per passenger (call USDT for updates).  Additionally, there is an airport departure fee. This fee is paid at the airport. It is collected in Fijian Dollars.  There is a nominal USDT tariff, normally only $65 - $75 per client for early bookings.

6. Do I need a passport after booking one of these Fiji live-aboards?
All foreign visitors must have a current passport valid for more than three months, plus proof of adequate funds to support themselves; & a return ticket in hand, as well.

7. How do I meet the Fiji diving yacht ISLAND DANCER on the day of departure?
Everyone should arrive on the early Saturday morning flight. After clearing customs in the Nadi Airport, guests will need to secure their own taxi service, or public bus service -- VERY easily done at NAN airport -- for the 90-minute ride to the Tradewinds Hotel just a few miles west of Suva, where these magnificent vessels are moored, waiting for you. No worries if your plane is tardy in arrival; as Fleet officials reassure us that these yachts will not sail until all clients are safely on board. Some folks might wish to secure air tickets from NAN-Suva on small commuters that fly over several times daily, again easily secured through Air Pacific or Air New Zealand reps who handle your LAX-NAN air ticketing.

8. Where does the Fiji diving yacht ISLAND DANCER dock?
At the Tradewinds Hotel, just west of Suva on the coastal road, on the SE corner of the island of Viti Levu.

9. What is special about Fiji diving?
Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world. It is also famous for its walls, caves & overhangs, adding up to a varicolored scuba diving paradise.

10. What is the water temperature?  Will I need a wet suit for Fiji ?
You will be diving in waters that average from about 72- 82F. Most guests will make 4 dives daily & some sort of thermal protection is needed, for certain. A 1/4 inch (5mm) wet suit with gloves & booties should be comfortable for the truly cold divers, but many folks will find a 3-5-3 mm fine. (That's 5 mm on the torso & 3 mm on all limbs.)

11. What is the best time of year for Fiji diving?
Diving is superb year-round, however, there is less rainfall in October & November.  June through September are traditionally excellent months as well.

12. What type of topography can I expect to see topside, apres' diving?
The Fiji Islands are made up of hundreds of mountainous islands, most ringed with beautiful white sand beaches.  The jungles are lush & free from most hazardous critters you might find in other tropical island nations such as Indonesia or Papua New Guinea.  There is no malaria in Fiji.

13. Is there dinghy diving on these Fiji live-aboards?
Yes. The majority of the dives are conducted from the jet-driven launch. This enables us to take divers to more remote areas & to more easily manage drift dives.

14. Is there night diving with these Fiji dive packages?
Absolutely yes. The night diving is terrific all over the Fiji Islands.  But divemasters reserve the right to suspend or cancel night diving if weather or currents do not seem safe for clients.

15. Should I be an advanced diver to handle Fiji dive packages?
Not necessarily, but you should be a comfortable diver. The diving can be deep at times with some exciting drift dives to take advantage of the somewhat strong currents.

16. What is planned for Friday afternoon & evening after we return to port?
This is your opportunity to shop or sight-see. The Fiji ISLAND DANCER crew will host a cocktail party Friday evening. Dinner is not served on board that evening. The crew can recommend a local restaurant & arrange transportation. This final supper is not included in the Fiji dive package price.

17. When is check-out time on the vessel?
Check-out is between 7:00 & 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

18. Where is the nearest recompression chamber?
In the city of Suva on the eastern shores of the island of Viti Levu.






Please feel free to contact:
John Hessburg, General Manager
Susan Hessburg, Operations Manager

PMB 307 -- Suite # 116
15050 Cedar Avenue S.
St. Paul, MN, USA 55124-7047

Voice Mail: 952-953-4124

E-mail: divetrip@bitstream.net

Website: www.usdivetravel.com



All Fiji diving package prices listed here are subject to possible change in this steadily evolving travel market. Lodging, side tour & diving prices are traditionally stable, as are live-aboard package prices; however air prices can fluctuate daily. Until air tickets are issued, all airlines reserve the right to change airfares without notice -- an industry standard per FAA rules. Our tropical vacation experts in Fiji live-aboards normally secure excellent wholesale discount air tickets for our clients who book early enough to secure limited seats in the best price categories. Remember please, the federal government has deregulated all U.S.-based airlines, so only they control their pricing -- not any travel professionals. Early is good when seeking the best air ticket rates to connect with your Fiji diving yacht. So get your Fiji diving holiday off to a good start, mates!

Unless specifically noted, these above dive packages for Fiji live-aboards are prices for only the live-aboard portion of your Fiji dive trip, in most cases reflecting double-occupancy rooms. On most live-aboards, there will be no triple-occupancy staterooms offered. International air tickets & commuter "island-hopper" seats are always extra above these land costs. Nominal service fees are also extra for air tickets & the dive vessel + side tour components. The baseline tariffs for all clients start at $65 per person for the land portion + $77 pp for the air tickets. Late-booking clients may receive slightly higher tariffs on this Fiji live-aboard. Solo clients on the Fiji live-aboards will always pay a single supplement to secure a private stateroom -- normally 50% more than the standard double-occupancy rate, unless you are willing to share these 2-bunk rooms with another randomly-paired diver of the same sex.

The preferred payment mode for all of our Fiji live-aboards, dive resorts, side tours & air ticket specials is by cashier's check or wire transfer in U.S. dollars. All dive holidays clients living outside the USA or Canada will need to pay for their dive vacations via direct wire transfer only. No personal checks will be accepted for any reservation. Thank you for your gracious understanding. Our service level is the highest & our prices the lowest in this industry, & thus we need to preserve a reasonable margin. For published-fare air ticket bookings, USDT always accepts Visa or Mastercard. For discount wholesale air tickets, USDT accepts only cashier's checks or wire transfers, please, for all dive holidays.

Remember, all tropical vacation clients bound for Fiji diving vessels will be asked by local officials overseas, upon departing the airport on your final day, to pay a nominal government departure tax, usually between USD $35 - $45 per client. USDT cannot collect this tax beforehand, so you simply pay it down there, in your host country right after your dive holiday is done. Be sure to bring a little cash for this final moment at the airport, so you'll get your exit visa stamped quickly with no fuss; & away you go. Best of luck with your dive travel plans for Fiji live-aboards. We hope your scuba vacation is a safe & satisfying adventure. Blessings & best wishes with ALL your Fiji dive vacations.

Best fishes too!

>////*>   <*\\\\<

John Hessburg & Susan Hessburg, Mgrs.
U.S. Dive Travel Network.

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