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March 2015 our rez team celebrates the  24th Anniversary
of the international U.S. DIVE TRAVEL NETWORK !

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5 marine life photos by our talented friend, © Werner Thiele.
Ballet Dancer, Spirit of Beach Vacations by Nancy Werlinger.
Susan & John Hessburg founded USDT Network back in 1991.
Our Admin Team is now 5 partners,  linking tropical vacation
experts in 4 cities + many USA travel & scuba diving centers.

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Welcome to the Internet's largest, most information-
rich resource for tropical scuba diving & snorkeling.
Click in, cruise & peruse more than 800,000 words +
2,000 pics of wild islands, beach resorts, live-aboards.
We have dived & photographed hundreds of inspiring
tropical isles. Many colorful secrets to share with you...

Liveaboard, exotic liveaboards.

Click here for DUNBAR VILLA scuba diving & snorkeling video
on Guanaja Isle, Honduras. Also check our Copan Ruins page!

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OMAN, what a feeling -- desert holidays !
Oman diving is sunny, sere, surreal.
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scuba trips, scuba diving, dive resort, snorkeling vacations.

Welcome to the Home Page of the U.S. Dive Travel Network !  We are tropical vacation experts, wholesalers of exotic & affordable holidays for snorkelers & scuba divers.  The USDT team is pleased to offer you the largest & most info-rich website for dive vacations on the Worldwide Web -- more than 800,000 words of text + more than 2,000 photos & graphics.  To scoot from this Home Page to our dive resorts, liveaboards, snorkeling vacations, beach vacations, jungle eco-tours, Mayan ruins or tropical honeymoon holidays -- in 30 colorful countries -- or to check our Info Kits for dive tours, just click on the royal blue hot-links. You'll link in a wink to any files you choose - whether Hawaii vacation, South Pacific vacation, liveaboard holiday, Caribbean dive trip or Guanaja dive trip. Beach baskers & reef snorkelers always are warmly welcomed.

"Get Wet Without Getting Soaked !" TM

This virtual vacation catalog offers you easy, one-stop shopping for all tropical travelers.   We are scuba diving vacation specialists with more than 35 years of trip-planning experience in Central America, South America, the Hawaiian Islands, the South Pacific, Micronesia & Oz.   U.S. Dive Travel was founded in March of '91.   Then in '95 we were among the first wholesalers in the USA to launch a website for tropical island getaways -- to serve our busy professional clients better.   USDT Network now operates the longest-running website for dive resorts, live-aboards & snorkeling vacations on the Internet -- 20 of our 24 years we've worked on the Web.   We're sad to see so many dive trip wholesalers hammered by this economy.   But we're still sailing strong -- steady as she goes -- exploring & offering new tropical islands each year.   We are a debt-free family firm with a fiscally conservative guest-centered business model.   Our dive trips to the Caribbean & Pacific are planned by experienced experts who share your passion for tropical vacations.   So here's your data hub for resort bargains, liveaboard packages, yacht charters, South Pacific honeymoon isles, Caribbean honeymoons, tropical holiday innovations, liveaboards around the world, or personalized snorkeling tours.   Dive in, this sport's a bash! Time to travel with panache -- your liveaboards & Pacific islands are all here, amigos del mar.

"Life's a Beach, & then you Dive !" TM

If you need to reserve lodging, dive tours, live-aboards, group charters, an overseas guide or any customized dive vacations, just give us a call.  Our dive travel team offers you prompt, friendly service that is accurate & insightful.   In the world of dive packages, we set the pace for vision & creativity.  Our countless loyal repeat clients include corporate groups, high-rev professionals, adventuresome singles, couples from all walks of life, families with young kids or teens, retired travelers, environmental research expeditions, dive shops, private schools, scuba clubs & travel pros around the world.   U.S. Dive Travel Network clients hail from cities across North America, South America, Asia & Europe -- a bona fide Global Village of snorkeling & scuba diving enthusiasts, all keen on tropical vacations.

A dedicated diver's motto:  "I sink therefore I am !" TM

Our clients become friends, first & foremost.  Our prime products are solid judgment & overseas experience.   Your satisfaction is our success -- always.   Thank you for visiting the ever-evolving website of U.S. Dive Travel Network.   We're delighted that you dropped by !  Ask your friends to "cruise & peruse" our website today, whenever they research new dive packages.   There's an ideal tropical island out there -- just ripe for snorkeling vacations or scuba diving trips -- & just right for you.  Choose your ideal cruise, hotel, charter, tropical honeymoon resort, liveaboard or dream tour. Need a Hawaii vacation, Caribbean vacation or a South Pacific honeymoon? How about an ab-fab Bay Islands tropical honeymoon package?   The Tikal Ruins are so unique & exotic; hard to believe they're only hours from the USA !   Spock out Fiji if you crave Pacific eye candy .... It's all here, island funseekers, & it's all  "TROPIDELIC!"

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This scuba diving & snorkeling website has been written & designed by John Hessburg & Susan Hessburg, U.S. Dive Travel Network founders.  All photos, logos, art objects, ad slogans & all texts, business forms, page layouts & creative content of this website are fully protected by copyright, & by trademarks, under U.S. federal law.  All rights are reserved & strictly enforced by U.S. Dive Travel. 

No large-scale printed publication, nor any mass distribution of these dive package texts or photos, is permitted without expressed written consent of USDT Network.  Simple information downloads & printouts for private use, for planning dive trips, are always encouraged.  We always invite you to seek any types of information you need about our diving holidays on liveaboards, dive resorts, snorkeling beaches & eco-tours or ruins you want added to your itinerary.

Thanks for your interest in our tropical dive tours, dive packages & scuba holidays.  We offer tropical dive vacations to refresh your zest for life.   Let us plan your tropical snorkeling vacation or scuba diving vacation today -- liveaboards, resorts -- a Hawaii vacation, Caribbean vacation, or South Pacific honeymoon, maybe a Guanaja trip, whatever your liveaboard dream or tropical honeymoon wishes might be.   So sunseekers, here's our blessing for your dive tours ... the wetter the better, and may calm seas wash your blues away ...

"The Family that Dives Together, Thrives Together." TM

Dancer Fleet, Aggressor Fleet, Explorer Ventures, Truk Odyssey, Ocean Hunter

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U.S. Dive Travel always welcomes e-mails & phone calls from clients
in Latin America, Europe, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Africa,
Australia & the Pacific island nations. We have a senior partner who
is fluent in Spanish & Brazilian-dialect Portuguese, ready to help you
with your dive travel plans. Our German is rusty but will do in a pinch.

Enjoy liveaboard trips, diving liveaboards, Odyssey Truk Lagoon.

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Dunbar Villa Resort in Guanaja Insel, Bay Islands, in Honduras.

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